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Jackson National Life Insurance is one of the companies offering life insurance products and services to its clients, where A sample of basic products is below. This introduces the importance of life insurance in contemporary society. They give you the assurance that your kin will be well taken care of should anything happen to you also they offer you an economic safety net.

At Jackson National Life Insurance, you will be at ease knowing that your family shall be catered for regardless of the looming future.

In this article, we will analyze their characteristics, advantages, and the varieties of insurance products provided by Jackson National Life Insurance to enable you to make the best decision in choosing life insurance.

About Jackson National Life Insurance

Jackson is one of the largest life insurance companies that is located in America and serves in different worldwide locations.

Jackson National Life Insurance can be traced back to 1961 when it was established as a subsidiary of Prudential plc. Over the various years, the company has developed and advertised and also expanded from communicating its products and services to the customer.

Currently, Jackson National Life Insurance is a company that focuses on providing customers with life insurance and having financial stability as well as actively developing its services.

Jackson National Life Insurance operates within the United States, from Lansing, Michigan; the company serves all fifty states and the District of Columbia. It is legally permitted in all states and has membership of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

Jackson National Life Insurance is committed to offering universal and specialized life insurance products for all our clients. New products and choices are available to walk-in customers and the company is ready to assist its customers in getting good quality and reliable financial products to meet their goals and objectives in life.


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Features and Benefits

Jackson National Life Insurance provides a number of ways covered in this article with their features and basic advantages aimed at people with various requirements and financial capabilities.

Some of the key features and benefits include:

– Term Life Insurance: Temporary coverage for some time such as a stipulated period of time or for as long as one wants limited access. g. Whole life insurance products include routines premiums, referred to as level premiums, coupled with a death benefit and can last for as short as 10 years, 20 years, or 30 years.

– Whole Life Insurance: One rider – the cash value will be permanent, the premiums are level, and the death benefit will be provided.

– Universal Life Insurance: Variable annual, semi-annual, or monthly payments, with a cash value as well as options for a specific face amount in the event of the policyholder’s death.

– Indexed Universal Life Insurance: Life insurance products whose premiums are floppy and the coverage is changeable with a cash-value component linked with an underlying stock market index.

– Variable Universal Life Insurance: Reasonable cost that varies depending on concessions and options offered with an element that allows for the investment of the cash value.

– Final Expense Life Insurance: One thing that many final expense clients typically seek is funeral expense coverage and other end-of-life expenses that are relatively easy to qualify for.

– Riders and add-ons: These are as follows; Accidental death benefit rider: This policy offers an additional amount of money in case of an accidental demise of an insured person during the term of the policy.

Jackson National Life Insurance policies offer:

– Innocent as that may sound, the desire for peace of mind for oneself, and one’s loved ones, as well as financial security for the latter, is one that cannot be easily dismissed and has been the driving force behind most saving activities.

– Customer Convenience: Easily accessible and varied modes of premium payment

– Convertible policies: Term policy can be converted into permanent policy

– New products and issues – dividends and investment opportunities: whole life and the universal life.

– It has two main varieties – whole life and universal life – and enjoys tax-deferred growth.

Policy Options and Pricing

There is a variety of available Jackson National Life Insurance policies for everyone who seeks to set up insurance without worrying about the cost.

Policy options include:

– Level Term Life Insurance: Insurance for a given duration is a policy implying that the insured will be compensated in the occurrence of a loss within the stated time period (e. g. The advantages are: The policy charges will normally be level over the entire duration ( say, 10, 20, or 30 years)

– Decreasing Term Life Insurance: Guaranteed cost for a fixed duration over which the later premiums are successively lesser.

– Whole Life Insurance: It is the plan where insurance amounts are paid on a level scale with variable yearly premiums and which also has a cash value component.

– Universal Life Insurance: Portable and scalable premium packages that also function as a cash value product

– Indexed Universal Life Insurance: Flexible premiums, options, and benefits that include fixed cash value benefits tied to a specific market index

– Variable Universal Life Insurance: All the plans and policies offer a great deal of flexibility in terms of premiums and in regard to coverage with a cash value that is invested in different instruments.

– Final Expense Life Insurance: Burial/ funeral expenses, other last expenses or costs with eased underwriting criteria

Pricing varies depending on factors such as:

– Age

– Gender

– Health status

– Coverage amount

– Term length

– Policy type

Jackson National Life Insurance Company provides insurance policies at a cost of $10-20 per month, though the policies’ types and rates may vary depending on the needs of the client. Whole and universal life insurance may have higher premiums, especially because a portion of the payment goes into cash value.

Discounts may be available for:

– Non-smokers

– Healthy individuals

– Multi-policy holders

– Annual premium payments

However, it is important to understand that when it comes to pricing and the policies that are on the table, each person or company may have a different solution. Please consult with your insurance agent or read the insurance policies and consult with an insurance advisor in order to get a quote for the comprehensive insurance policy.

Coverage and Eligibility

The various insurance policies that Jackson National Life Insurance provides include those that are personal policies and these can be taken by anyone at the age of 18-80 years old for different policies. Eligibility requirements include:

– Age: 18-80 (period depends on the kind of policy one wants to obtain).

– Citizenship: It is for the citizens of the United States or green card holders.

– Residency: The specific group of people under the Community of the United States will be targeted.

– Health: This depends on the type of policy to be taken since some policies may have provisions that include medical check-ups or even health questions.

Deductibles may vary from $10, 000 to $1,000, 000 or more corresponding to the policy type or the level of coverage required. Term options range between 10 and 30 years while the whole life and universal ones provide coverage throughout a lifetime.

Jackson National Life Insurance also offers coverage for: 

– Spouses and children

– These include the business partners and key employees in the organization Whether it be the investor, shareholder or any other party who had planned from the start to own a part of the business or the organizational employee who intends from the beginning to maintain or possess a significant control in the business.

– According to Geithner, the focus areas include mortgages as well as final expenses.

Please consult with your insurance agent or financial advisor on whether you qualify for such coverage, along with where you can secure the ideal policy to fit your situation.


They provide various insurance policies as well as some choices for the options that one wants depending on what he or she wants and his or her budget. Having a solid financial platform, a people-oriented service concept, and a customer-first policy, Jackson National Life Insurance plays an important role in the market.

If you require coverage only for a short time or permanently, from illness or accident, or for funeral expenses in the event of your death, there is a suitable policy for you at Jackson National Life Insurance. With the knowledge of these facets, one can easily establish what a Jackson National Life Insurance policy can offer as far as his/her necessity is concerned and assuage the family’s financial stability.

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