World Nomads Travel Insurance
World Nomads is one of the travel insurance companies that can be used by adventurous travelers since it provides coverage for any medical and travel contingencies. Travelers understand that emergencies can occur at any moment and at any place in the world, and that is why it is important to be prepared.
No matter whether you are walking along the steep rocky slopes or exploring the coral reef underwater, or simply visiting a new city and/or country, accidents can happen and medical costs can skyrocket quickly. World Nomads travel insurance is a form of security that lets you know that you are shielded against the occurrence of the undesirable.
Here are some of the most important aspects of World Nomads travel insurance and the particularities of the policy it offers: We will also discuss how the claims process works and narrate the success stories from some of our customers.
At the end of this article, you will be equipped with knowledge about the World Nomads travel insurance service and how it can help you in your next journey.

About World Nomads

World Nomads is one travel insurance agency that targets independent travelers and offers insurance for risky travels. World Nomads Insurance was established in the year 2002, and it has grown to a reliable travel insurance company with very competent customer care services and any many policies.
World Nomads is affiliated with several major insurance companies including Lloyd’s of London and offers its services to over 150 countries’ residents. Their policies are shaped in a very broad way with the required possibility for customization, which would enable travelers to select the proper coverage most suitable.
World Nomads cares about its clients and fellow travelers as well as believes in making a difference in the world. They have various programs and features, such as language translations, safety measures and travel tips, and a social platform that helps like-minded travelers to come together and share information.
Using World Nomads, tourists can experience their trips in a safe manner as they will be protected from any possible risks by having access to the vast coverage and assistance offered by the insurance company.


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Features and Benefits

Travel insurance is a tool that can help provide financial protection for travelers in case of an undesirable event affecting a trip: World Nomads offers various features and benefits that can be useful for adventurous travelers. Some of the key features and benefits include:
– Medical Coverage: Accident and Medical expenses up to $ 100,000 as well as Hospitalization expenses, surgery, emergency evacuation
– Evacuation and Repatriation: Emergency medical evacuation or retrieval of a covered person back to the country of residence or preferred hospital
– Baggage and Personal Effects: Special coverage for lost, damaged, or stolen luggage and-effects as well as passports and other travel documents
– Adventure Activities: Protection for more than nearly two hundred adventures, such as bungee enhancing, skydiving, and scuba perusing.
– 24/7 Emergency Assistance: The ability to receive guidance through the medical, travel, and other emergency situations contacts of an emergency hotline available around the clock
– Trip Cancellation and Interruption: Travel insurance that protects against events that may prevent or require early return from a trip are trip cancellation/interruption insurance because of natural disasters, political instabilities and other events like family emergencies.
– Travel Delay: Some of the coverage is on a deal for travel, cancellation and hold up of flights.
– Baggage Delay: Compensation policies for delayed or lost luggage
– Travel Documents: This will also include accommodation of loss of travel papers that may include passports, visas or theft of passports.

Policy Options and Pricing

World Nomads offers two main policy options: The two major types of policies that are offered include the Standard Policy and the Explorer Policy.
– Standard Policy: This policy grants medical expense, evacuation, and repatriation of the insured member, in addition to baggage or personal effects. It is useful for someone who just wants minimal insurance coverage to cover occasional and emergency situations and some travel expenses.
– Explorer Policy: The policy in focus offers a very wide range of coverage these are adventure activities, trip cancellation/interruption, travel, and baggage delay. This policy is suitable for those individuals who will be traveling on an adventure for their trip because it covers everything that is encompassed in the adventure category.
The table below shows the World Nomads’ pricing for a complete travel insurance package: Here are some approximate price ranges:
– Standard Policy: Solution: This can be through subscribing to services offered by Uber at $50-$100 per month.
– Explorer Policy: Indeed, while they have easier access to capital, raw materials, and other key resources, their operational overhead expenses range from $100-$200 per month only.
World Nomads also offers a range of discounts, including:
– Bearing in mind, members of the partner organizations like hostels and companies that deal with travel are accepted to have a discount of ten percent on any service offered.
– A 5% discount from their usual cost is offered if the traveler goes for an annual policy.
– A five percent discount is granted to travelers who buy a policy through the Internet.

Coverage Areas and Destinations

World Nomads travel insurance offers protection to tourists who desire their journey to more than 150 countries in the world. It has policies, standards, and tariffs that can be made easily and can be adjusted depending on the client’s preference.
Some of the coverage areas and destinations include:
– Worldwide: The insurance takes the client to any part of the world, within the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, or any other destination of his/her choice.
– USA: Additional coverage that one can come across when planning to travel to the USA is the medical expenses, and emergency evacuations among other extra cover.
– Europe: The studies were on travel insurance including coverage for medical expenses and emergency evacuation to Europe.
– Australia: Additional coverage for traveling to Australia such of medical expenses, and evacuation in case of an emergency.
– New Zealand: Expenses borne during travel to New Zealand such as; the cost of medical treatment, and evacuation services.
– Canada: This coverage also included the medical cost arising from travel to Canada as well as the cost of emergency evacuation.
Precisely, the insurance expatriate provides medical insurance coverage while journeying to risky areas of the world most of the time which are under political tension, natural disasters, or any other complications.
In every case, whether going far or near, World Nomads travel insurance can help by offering various solutions that will cater to medical and travel enforcement at any given time.

Claims and Customer Support

It is important to note that when travelling, making a claim is sometimes stressful that is why World Nomads has made their claims process easy. Here’s how it works:
– Notify World Nomads: Contact the World Nomads as soon as possible and report the claim as this is important in making sure you get the right assistance.
– Complete a Claim Form: To submit a claim the client needs to complete the claim form which is available online on the World Nomads website, or can be also requested by contacting the company’s support service.
– Provide Supporting Documentation: Include evidence, folders, or any legal documents like police statements or doctor’s recommendations among other things.
– Claim Assessment: World Nomads will review your case with respect to your insurance claim and then inform you of the decision that has been made.


All in all, World Nomads Travel Insurance is an extensive and adaptive policy that offers protection to travelers visiting the adventurous parts of the planet. The expanded selection of policy choices, and coverage areas, as well as comprehensive and friendly customer support make World Nomads a perfect choice for those travelers who have no desire to be worried about some unexpected incidents during their adventurous journey.
No matter whether you are crazy about climbing up the rocks of the mountain, diving deep into the blue seas, or trying out the new city tour, World Nomads travel insurance policy will be with you. The rest of their policies are scalable thus giving the customer an opportunity to select what coverage is best for them.
Chronic illness can mean doctor and hospital bills during your trip, while an accident can result in numerous expenses including medical and travel costs! So, if you are looking for some traveling insurance, apply for a quote at World Nomads now and travel confidently.

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